Direct Therapies

Direct Therapies at Florissa include evidence-based interventions for children over the age of three to address a range of concerns you may have for your child. Possible services include speech therapy and occupational therapy to address developmental delays, speech/language difficulties, and sensory  processing concerns. Individual and family therapy targets emotional and behavioral problems, social concerns, attention difficulties, developmental issues, family dynamics, the effects of divorce, grief / loss, and the impact of trauma. Parent consultation sessions are also available to help parents better understand their child’s strengths and difficulties, and identify ways to develop their child’s skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I seek therapy for my child?

Parents are often very aware of the difficulties their children experience, but may feel overwhelmed by these difficulties and unsure of what to do to help their children. You may have tried a number of things to address your child’s difficulties without success and feel like you are out of ideas for what to do next. Therapy services provide the opportunity for you and your child to receive support from a professional who has specific training in addressing the difficulties your child experiences. By collaborating with you and your child, your therapist will help build skills to overcome these difficulties.

 How can therapy help?

Therapy is meant to directly address your child’s areas of concern in order to increase understanding and build skills to help your child function more effectively at home, at school, and in the community.  Therapy is tailored to your child, utilizing his or her strengths to help develop specific skills. 

 What is involved in therapy at Florissa?

At Florissa, each child’s treatment plan is individually developed based on the needs of the child.  Therapy appointments are typically 45 minutes to an hour long and may include individual time with the child, conjoint time with parents and the child, and/or time with parents alone.  Our warm and caring clinicians seek to create an accepting and comfortable relationship with families to facilitate treatment. Parents are an important part of therapy at Florissa – you and your child’s therapist will collaborate to help apply skills targeted in therapy to other environments.  Most often, therapy appointments occur on a weekly basis, with more or less frequent appointments sometimes occurring based on the individual needs of the child.  Consistent participation in therapy over the course of treatment is necessary to most effectively promote your child’s growth and development.

 How do I get this process started?
You should first call Florissa at 815-288-1905 to provide your contact information so intake forms can be mailed to you. As soon as we receive the forms, the child psychologist will review your child’s information. Our Patient Financial Representative will call you to discuss an estimate of the cost of services (based on your insurance coverage and financial situation), and answer any questions you may have. Our Family Resource Coordinator will then schedule an intake appointment. Taking the first step in this process is making an investment in your child’s future. At Florissa, we understand this can be a confusing process and we are committed to guiding you through it. We want to support you as you seek the help your child needs.

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