Assessments include best practice standards for testing for a full range of emotional and behavioral problems, academic and learning problems and attention difficulties. We also provide Comprehensive Diagnostics which consist of an inter-disciplinary evaluation for specific disabilities such as Autism and more general developmental issues. The assessment team includes a Child Psychologist, Pediatrician, Speech/Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I seek an evaluation for my child?
You may have been told your child is having problems at school or with peers, or you may be concerned about their behavior at home. You may feel something “just isn’t right” and want to figure out how to help your child. You may feel worried, frustrated, or angry about your child’s continued difficulties. An evaluation can look at such problems as developmental delays, inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, academic struggles, social struggles, sadness, anxiety, anger, and defiance. If your child already has been given a diagnosis, there may be a need to understand any co-occurring problems and how they are connected.

How can it help?
An evaluation is helpful to provide an explanation for any problems your child may be experiencing. An accurate understanding of your child’s strengths and areas for growth will lead to more accurate and effective interventions. An evaluation may help you get the support and services your child needs. The results of an evaluation can also decrease the stress you may be feeling.

What is involved in an evaluation at Florissa?
In general, an evaluation provides a comprehensive assessment of your child’s developmental, behavioral, emotional, and social functioning. It involves interviews, observations, and formal measures. Different reasons for the concerns you have can be addressed or ruled out. You and other adults who interact with your child can gain a better understanding of your child and how to help him/her. Working with your team at Florissa, the first step involves an initial intake in which your provider will hear your concerns. From there, best practice standards for the assessment of your child’s specific needs will be identified. Typically, an appointment of 3-6 hours for assessment is scheduled over 1-2 days. Depending on your child’s needs, assessment may involve a multidisciplinary team consisting of a pediatrician, a speech/language pathologist, an occupational therapist, and a child psychologist. The final step is a feedback session in which you are provided with a comprehensive report including results, recommendations, and any diagnoses, as appropriate. We want to ensure that you leave with your questions answered. We will provide information to other adults working with your child, at your request.

How do I get this process started?
You should first call Florissa at 815-288-1905 to provide your contact information so forms can be mailed to you. As soon as we receive the forms, the child psychologist will review your child’s information. Our Family Resource Coordinator will call you to schedule an intake appointment, discuss an estimate of the cost of services (based on your insurance coverage and financial situation), and answer any questions. Taking the first step in this process is making an investment in your child’s future. At Florissa, we understand this can be a confusing process and we are committed to guiding you through it.

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