Community Training

Community Training by Florissa

Florissa staff is available to provide training on a variety of topics. Trainings can be presented to parents/families, educators, daycare providers, first responders, other providers and professionals, and/or community groups and organizations. Trainings will be developed to match your needs in terms of length, topic, and audience. The cost of training is dependent on the topic, length of the training, and availability of grant funds. Due to the great variety of staff and expertise at Florissa, the list provided below is only a sample of topics and titles. If you have interest in hosting a training session on a specific topic, please contact Laura Watters of Florissa via email or directly at (815) 288-1905.


  • ASD Challenges and Strategies
  • Autism and Co-occurring Mental Health Challenges
  • Autism in a Neurodiverse World
  • Support for Autistic Employees
  • Autism Related Wandering
  • Fundamentals of Autism for Classroom Teachers
  • Social Stories
  • Visual Supports
  • Early Autism Detection
  • Ready to Learn: 7 Tips for Supporting Students with High-Functioning ASD


  • Navigating ADHD (for parents)
  • Helping the Child with ADHD Succeed in School


  • Going Back to School in the Age of Anxiety, Technology and School Violence
  • More Than Just a Scaredy Cat: Understanding Kids’ Anxiety and How to Help Them Cope


  • Childhood Trauma and Its Effects: Becoming a Trauma-Informed School
  • Best Practices for Trauma-Informed Communities


  • Wise Parenting: Valuing, Nurturing and Guiding the Children Entrusted to Us
  • The “House Rules” for Successful Parenting: Using 1-2-3 Magic
  • Parenting and Sexuality
  • Tips to Help Your Child Transition Back to School

Other Topics:

  • Selective Mutism
  • Sensory Processing Differences
  • Social Emotional Support for Preschool
  • The Power of Play: Targeting Behavioral Difficulties in Young Children
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs)
  • Gender Identity and Expression
  • Social Emotional Learning Through Yoga
  • Cutting and Self-Harm: A Disturbing Trend
  • Get to Bed, Sleepyhead: Sleep in Childhood
  • Ways to Encourage Diversity Discussions and Inclusivity with Children
  • Chronic Medical Conditions

Professional Trainings Brought to the Community by Florissa:

2023 – Autism in a Neurodiverse World 

  • Autism in a Neurodiverse World: To and Beyond
  • Introduction to Compassionate ABA
  • Supporting Autistic Students Within the Classroom: Best Practices to Promote Success!
  • Support for Autistic Employees

2022 – Mary J Wrobel: 

  • Teaching Safety Skills to Children with ASD
  • Autism: Addressing Hygiene, Puberty, Personal Safety, and Sexuality Issues

2019 – Dr. Joyce Cooper-Kahn: 

  • Why Can’t My Child Get Organized? Building Executive Functioning
  • Late, Lost and Unprepared: How to Help Youth Build Better Executive Functioning

2018 – Chantal Sicile-Kira:

  • More than Just Coping: Empowering Strategies for Parents
  • Creating Positive Outcomes: Teaching Autism Life Skills

2017 –  Dr. Paula Kluth: 

  • Voices on the Spectrum
  • You’re Going to Love This Kid: Education All Students in Inclusive Schools

2016 – Carol Kranowitz:

  • The Out-of-Sync Child: Sensory Processing Disorder

2015 – Dr. Ira Chasnoff:

  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Across the Span of Childhood

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