The “House Rules” for Successful Parenting

Parenting can be tough. It can be frustrating at times. Children’s misbehavior can stress us out and lead to unenjoyable interactions with our children.

In this free one-hour presentation and discussion, child clinical psychologist, Dr. Kelly S. Flanagan, will describe a simple and effective approach to parenting that results in happy, calm, obedient children and happy, calm, confident parents. She will provide an overview of the #1 best-selling book on child discipline “1-2-3 Magic” by psychologist Dr. Thomas Phelan, and answer your questions about parenting children ages 2 to 12. “1-2-3 Magic” is a gold winner of the national parenting Publications Award and is in its 6thEdition, helping many parents around the world.

This event is offered at no charge to the community as a service provided by Florissa Pediatric Development Center and St. Luke’s Church.

Please contact Janet O’Donnell at 815-288-1905 for more information.

If you would like to download the pdf flyer version for this information: The “House Rules” flyer

P: (815) 288-1905 F: (815) 288-1935 | 144 North Court, Dixon, Illinois