The High School Years Peer Group

High School students struggle with social skills and the need to make friends. Starting Thursday, October 6th Florissa will host “The High Schools Years Peer Group,” a weekly group that will discuss, in a safe setting, social skills, as well as their understanding of social cues and rules across adolescence.

This group is appropriate for high school students who struggle with self-awareness and appropriate behavior with peers, have trouble understanding social interactions, or those who wish to better understand the social world around them.

The weekly group runs through November 3rd. Each group session will begin at 4:30 p.m.

Cost is $60.00/participant. To register or for more information contact Janet O’Donnell of Florissa at (815) 288-1905. ¬†Florissa is located at 101 East First Street in downtown Dixon, in the former U.S. Bank building.


P: (815) 288-1905 F: (815) 288-1935 | 144 North Court, Dixon, Illinois